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Crazy laws in India

Crazy laws in India

Countries make laws according to the situations prevalent in it. Often certain laws become outdated with the changing environment. India is also no exception to this. There are certain crazy laws in our country. Some of these laws were made by the British as per the cultural norms of the 19th century Indian society. But, they are imposed even now. Know the strange and crazy laws in India.

  1. According to Indian Penal Code (IPC) section 309, suicide is legal but the person will be punished if he/she fails in his/her attempt. In other words, attempt to suicide is a punishable offence.
  2. The state law of Delhi does not let home delivery of alcoholic beverages but you can order beer and wine to be home delivered from departmental stores.
  3. In Andhra Pradesh only candidates with good teeth are employed for the job of motor vehicle inspector.
  4. Indian soldiers cannot use knives during battles. Yet, this is exempted for the soldiers from Nagaland as they can fight with their customary knives.
  5. There is no uniform legal drinking age throughout India. In states like Goa, UP, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Puducherry the people who are aged 18 or more can consume alcohol. On the other hand, in Maharashtra, people cannot consume alcohol at such a lower age since the minimum age to consume alcohol is 25.
  6. Indian Aircraft Act, 1934 describes even a kite as an aircraft and it needs license from government to fly the aircrafts.
  7. According to Indian Majority Act, 1875, a man cannot get married before he turns 21. However, he can become father at 18 years. Don’t get shocked. He can adopt a child at the age of 18 years as per this law.
  8. As per IPC 1860, section 497, it is illegal for married men to have extra marital affairs with married women. If they have affairs with unmarried girls or women, then it is not illegal. The judiciary is silent on taking the actions against married women who have extra marital affairs.
  9. Giving birth to third child is an offence in Kerala. Parents who have a third child will be penalized with Rs.10,000 in this state. This law was made to administer the two-child policy.
  10. Feeding monkeys on roads, public places and localities near temples is a crime in Uttarakhand. According to the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, the punishment will be up to three years imprisonment. In Himachal Pradesh feeding all stray animals in public places including monkeys and langurs is an offence. Those who violate this will be penalized with a fine of Rs.500. However, monkeys can be fed in temples in this state.

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