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Coronathon to fight COVID-19

Coronathon to fight COVID-19

While the entire world is under the fangs of COVID-19, several people are exploring innovative ways to come out from this crisis.

Some companies are inviting people to share their innovative methods to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Wingify, a SaaS startup is one among them. The founders of this startup Paras Chopra and Sparsh Gupta started an initiative, Coronathon and tweeted about it on Twitter.

They were inspired by the German COVID-19 hackathon and started this initiative.

Coronathon is a digital technology hackathon where people can share their innovative ideas to manage the coronavirus crisis.

It is India’s online hackathon for COVID-19. Several voluntary organizers also joined this. The first demo of this hackathon was completed on March 30.

Several people presented various technological solutions to fight against the coronavirus pandemic on this demo.

Around 20 projects were presented on this day to deal with coronavirus crisis. All of these ideas offered unique solutions. One of them is CoronaGo, a mobile app that rewards people with virtual coins for maintaining social distancing. These virtual coins can be used to buy from Amazon, Swiggy etc.

Pagaar app that aims to solve the financial crisis during the pandemic and Hospital Availability Tracker that aims to help people find the nearest hospital are some among the others.

The idea behind this initiative is to connect innovators with the right people so that their ideas can be scaled. Thus, various products will be developed to tackle COVID-19.

This is not a competition and there will be no winners. But it is a collective effort of different teams to battle against this contagious disease.

So far, 2,300 have joined this with 80 ideas and 44 ongoing projects. Participants will work on their ideas for a week by forming a group and present their ideas on the demo day, i.e. Sunday.

Coronathon will continue until the present situation comes under control. Coders, designers, software and hardware engineers, product managers, healthcare providers and marketers are encouraged to join this hackathon.

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