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The colourful Rongali Bihu

Rongali Bihu

On Tuesday, the colourful festival of Rongali Bihu in Assam has started. A huge amount of people have taken part in the Bihu dances and songs. Several fun activities were also organized to mark the occasion and make it fun.

The festival of Rongali Bihu starts on the last day of the month of ‘Chot’ (Chaitra). which is on Tuesday.The first day of the festival is dedicated to the cattle and is called ‘Goru Bihu’.

People, significantly the farming community, take their cattle to rivers, ponds and different water bodies and provide them a ceremonial bath rubbing them with turmeric paste and different herbs. The cattle also are tied with new poghas (ropes).

The actual celebration of the Rongali Bihu starts from the second day — Wednesday, April 15 this year — that is that the first day of the month of Bohag, beginning the Assamese New Year.

On the second day, people tend to wear new clothes and seek blessings from their elders and heads of the families. This is believed to bring them good luck and prosperity throughout the year. Many traditional games are being organized for the festival.

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