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How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

Now that the concept of eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution is on rise, many people, especially youth are seeking ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

If youth seek to celebrate Diwali without polluting environment, then you can stop bursting heavy noise producing crackers like bombs. This helps in reducing sound pollution and air pollution as well.

Diwali means rows of lights. So, illuminate your home with earthen lamps on Diwali. It is one of the best ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Decorate your home with organic Rangoli clours and natural flowers on this festival.

Make Diwali cards on your own and gift them to your friends, neighbors and relatives. Rather than buying sweets from outside, prepare them in your home and share them with your friends.

Prefer to celebrate Diwali in community instead of individual celebration. This helps in reducing money, wastage and pollution.

Firing crackers is an amusement to children and they are not aware of environment pollution. Hence, they may not show interest in not firing crackers on Diwali. In order to mitigate the pollution during Diwali, many companies are making eco-friendly crackers. They are made out of recycled paper and filled with fewer chemicals than that of normal crackers that emit huge pollution. Parents can buy them for their kid to burn on Diwali as they produce less smoke and noise.

But, many people are not aware of these crackers. So, there is a need to create awareness on them. Several dealers in many metro cities and other towns are making and selling these crackers. Ask for eco-friendly crackers while buying crackers. You can also limit the time spent on firing crackers so that you can save both money and environment., a Hyderabad based company offers online crackers in Hyderabad, Warangal, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. You can order your crackers on or before October 28. They plant a tree for every order they receive and donate money on your behalf. They offer only Indian crackers at the best prices.

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