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BSF’s first all women motorcycle stunt team

BSF’s first all women motorcycle stunt team

Janbaaz has been announced by the Border Security Force. It is the first all women motorcycle stunt team.

The team is currently taking training at the paramilitary force’s academy in Tekanpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Looking at the team doing their stunts is a feast for the eyes. Their coordination and grace are top notch. It is a graceful performance of exhilarating stunts.

The women perform on top of Royal Enfield bullet bikes. They do these stunts in various poses. Some are sitting normally riding the bike, carefully balancing other members who are standing on two bikes at the same time.

This all women team will be showing off their amazing skills in various performances in March. Mukesh Tyagi, Commandant of the Central School of Motor and Transport, BSF Academy says that more and more women are joining the army these days.

The stunt team of men has been performing for 25 years, and the BSF wanted to launch a similar program with women.

The program was planned in 2016. 45 volunteers were chosen to be part of the team Janbaaz. They started selections and training then.

Commandant Mukesh says that many girls went through a change from reluctance to confidence during their training.

It is common knowledge that Motorcycle stunts are a very important part of BSF. Usage of Royal Enfield Bullet is their iconic style.

Performing stunts on these bikes is harder because they are heavier than regular bikes. Even experienced bikers need training for performing on them.

Team Jaanbaaz excelled in their training and are ready for the show. They received all the training that the men’s team had.

The current team of all male stuntmen are known to perform at various important shows. They have been performing since 1990 and even show off their skill on the Republic Day parade.

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