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Bihar school’s unique way for plastic waste

Bihar school’s unique way for plastic waste

As the government is taking several steps to move the country towards reducing plastic use, several people and organizations are also helping the move as much as they can.

In this context, some initiatives are unique and encourage people to support their part as well.

Here is a school in Bihar that thinks differently to handle the issue of plastic waste.

The Padampani School in Sevabigha village encourages students to bring plastic waste to the school in garbage bins. The students will provide free meals and books in exchange for the waste.

They are even provided free education as well.

Manoranjan Prasad Samdarsi, the founder of the school started the initiative. Since the people come from a poor background and have low environmental consciousness, he took this initiative to create awareness on cleanliness and hygiene.

Before the launch of the initiative, the unpaved road that connects the school to surrounding villages used to be filled with plastic waste.

It was home to harmful insects and rodents that destroy crops. Moreover, the area became a breeding ground for infectious microorganisms.

Neither the villagers nor the panchayat could do much to improve the situation.

Hence, Manoranjan started the initiative of bringing plastic waste to the school where it is dumped into garbage bins kept at the school gate.

Initially, the students did not like the idea and rejected to bring the garbage. But, Manoranjan explained to them the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean. Furthermore, the incentive of free meal and books also attracted the students.

They agreed to collect discarded plastic bags, bottles and dry waste. The waste is then segregated categorically and sent to recycling plants.

After cleaning the road, the students of the school planted more than two thousand saplings along the road. They water the saplings regularly. They aim to plant five thousand saplings in the local villages by 2021.

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