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Best police station in India

Best police station in India

The New Year has gone by, and with it, many people have begun releasing their lists for the bests of the year, from the best movies of the year to the best music albums of the year and so on.

However, a different award for best-of-the-year is also being released, the award for Best Police Station.

This award is in the category of SMART Police Stations, which is an initiative created by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The concept of SMART Police was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Guwahati in November 2014 at the 49th annual conference Directors General/Inspectors General.

In Madhya Pradesh, the BSF Academy Tekanpur held the All India Conference of Director Generals/Inspector Generals of Police. There, Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister, gave the award for Best Police Station to Station House Officer T. Jothi of the RS Puram Police Station in Coimbatore.

However, Jothi credited his award to the entire Tamil Nadu police, saying that this award was won due to the team effort of the police station, and not one single person.

The RS Puram Police Station was chosen as the best in the nation based on 80 parameters, including crime detection, citizen-friendliness, and property recovery.

Following the instructions that were given by the State Police headquarters, the Coimbatore City Police had sent in a file containing initiatives for effective and friendly policing that it had taken in the past.

In response to this proposal, a team from the Home Ministry came to Coimbatore to interact with people who fell under police jurisdiction limits.

Due to their excellent performance in the 80 given parameters, the RS Puram Police Station has received the award for Best Police Station of the year.

This award truly reflects the increasing respect held for police stations and the value recognized in the hard work that they do in service of the people.

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