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American faith in Hindu Gods stirs curiosity in the US

Hindu Gods

It is known that Tom Brady, one of the most famous and talented quarterback in American football keeps a four inch statuette of Lord Ganesha who is believed to be the “remover of obstacles”. This also makes sense because a football player would need his obstacles removed.

The Ganesha devotion of Brady was found after journalists crowded around his lockers after he led his team to a fourth super bowl victory. USA today has reported that in his locker was a prominent display of a four-inch bronze elephant headed statue – Ganesha. Brady has told the journalists that he was “the remover of obstacles”.

American’s faith in Hindu gods is not a new thing. As a lucky charm, it was reported that US president Barack Obama himself kept a locket of Hanuman during his presidential campaign. Not only is that, self-professed Hindu lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard also part of the US House of Representatives. Her faith comes from the Hare Krishna movement and she used a Bhagavad Gita to take her oath in Congress.

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