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103 satellites in a single mission

India to launch 103 satellites in a single mission

India is about to launch a mission which will launch 103 satellites in a single go.

G Madhavan Nair, famous space scientist and former chairman of Indian Space Research Organization gave a hint that India could be launching so many satellite in one mission next month.

He said that after proving its talent several times, it’s not a big deal for India to achieve such a feat.

Nair also suggested to ISRO to focus on human spaceflight and further development.

Talking about the upcoming PSLV mission by ISRO, he said that in the 1500 kg capacity, as many satellites as possible can be carried.

He said that the improvements in technology has led to micro and nano satellites which do not even weigh a kilogram.

Launching 103 satellites in a single mission is no longer a big deal for India, he says.

Under Nair’s chairmanship, ISRO has done 25 successful missions.


He said that in the last five years however ISRO did not launch any new programs.

He said that India is only reaping the benefits of what was achieved in the past.

He says that technology should be given nudges every so often to keep it up.

Talking about what ISRO should focus on, he said that the human spaceflight project is something that should be focused again with a kickstart.

He says that various new technologies will be developed for that project which boosts everything.

He continued that ISRO initiated societal programs based on space technologies long ago.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also stressed about the need for such technology he says.

He says that the technology is still not as good as it can be and there is a long way to go.

He added that India is still five years behind other space-faring countries when it comes to technical skills and capability.

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