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UK’s longest-suffering coronavirus patient recovers     

UK’s longest-suffering coronavirus patient recovers     

The novel coronavirus is still a puzzle to scientists and researchers. While some elderly patients are recovering, few young people are succumbing to COVID-19.

Some people are recovering in two to three weeks, whereas some others are recovering after several days.

Here is a patient in the United Kingdom who had been suffering from COVID-19 for 130 days, and has recovered.

Fatima Bridle, 35-year-old in the UK has recovered from the novel coronavirus after 130 days.

She battled to survive as she spent 40 days in a coma and put on a ventilator for 105 days. She had a tracheotomy and suffered from pneumonia and sepsis.

But, miraculously she recovered from the novel coronavirus and shifted to a recovery ward.

Bridle fell ill after flying back from Morocco in March. It was her husband, Tracy who suffered the symptoms first.

She hoped to recover within a few weeks after the couple admitted in a hospital. But, things did not happen as expected. She had to undergo intensive care.

She lost her breathing ability drastically. A lavage tube was inserted into her mouth. Saline solution was used to flush out her lungs.

Tracy is an ex-soldier. He was very sad about the health of his wife. But, now Fatima was recovered. Her breathing capacity has also been improved by 70 per cent.

Her recovery is miraculous. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he was thrilled by the recovery news of Fatima.

Fatima’s recovery reveals that anyone can recover from COVID-19 with strong willpower. At the same, it cannot be predicted when would a patient recover from COVID-19 or when would the symptoms become worse.

It also indicates that age, gender, or any other pre-existing health conditions may not completely decide to be the victims of the disease.

So, follow all prescribed norms and stay safe!

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