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UAE’s Amnesty Program benefits many Indian workers

UAE’s Amnesty Program benefits many Indian workers

Yesterday, the UAE government announced a revolutionary three-month visa amnesty program. This will be beneficial to thousands of foreign workers who are overstaying their permits. Among them several Indians are also included.

The program gives workers six months to get a job, and they can leave the country without penalties if they do not find any job there.

Indian community is the largest expatriate in the UAE with 2.8 million Indians.

Out of them, 15 to 20 percent are professionals, 20 percent consists of white-collar non-professional jobs which include accountants, salesmen, clerical staff etc., and the remaining 60 to 65 percent include blue-collar jobs.

The UAE government said that thousands of people mainly laborers are staying in the country illegally even after their permit has been completed.

These people are from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines.

Though the specific number of people was not revealed by the government, the amnesty program helps all these people to return to their home lands without any penalties.

All the visa violators living in the country can rectify their status during this amnesty period.

This period will be end by October 31. During this period, these people can get a legally valid visa.

The program allows illegal residents to safely return to their motherlands without facing any jail time or getting banned from the country.

However, those who are already blacklisted or have legal cases are not allowed for this scheme.

As per media reports, this is the third amnesty program which has been announced by the UAE government in more than a decade.

As the amnesty period started, few people gathered at the country’s visa outsourcing agencies in different parts of the country.

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