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TN passes special privilege motion to rename Madras High Court

TN passes Special privilege motion to rename Madras High Court

The Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed the special privilege motion yesterday to rename the Madras High Court as Tamil Nadu High Court. All political parties including opposition parties like Congress and the DMK supported the special privilege motion. Tamil Nadu Government emphasized that the Central government should not change the name of the Madras High Court to Chennai High court but to Tamil High court.

The state government stressed that calling the name of Madras High Court as Chennai High Court would not be apt. That’s why Tamil Nadu government passed a special privilege motion on renaming the High Court.

The High Courts’ (Alteration of Names) Bill, 2016 was earlier introduced in the Lok Sabha to rename the High Courts of three metropolitan cities- Madras, Calcutta and Bombay. The government proposed that the names of High Courts would be the High Court of Chennai and the High Court of Mumbai according to their present names.

According to this Bill, the High Court of Madras shall be known as the High Court of Chennai from the chosen day. The proposed change of name was debated in the Tamil Nadu Assembly based on the opinion of the general public involved in renaming the High Court of Madras.

Considering the views of public, the Tamil Nadu government decided to oppose the prosed rename and passed a resolution yesterday to rename the High Court of Madras as the High Court of Tamil Nadu unanimously with the support of all political parties including major oppositions such as the Congress and DMK. The resolution outlined the major reasons for opposing the proposed name by the government and renaming the High Court as the High Court of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this requesting to take immediate action depending on the Resolution that was unanimously passed in the Assembly.

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