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Things to know about NPR

Things to know about NPR

The Union Cabinet yesterday decided to update the National Population Register (NPR), which is linked to the Census.

The process will be carried out from April to September 2020. The expected cost for this process is ₹8,500 crores.

The Census Commission says that the objective of the NPR is to create a complete identity database of all ‘usual residents’ of the country.

Here are certain things to know about NPR:

  • Every ‘usual resident’ must have to register in the NPR.
  • NPR contains a list of all residents, who have lived at a locality for at least the last six months or more, or who intend to live for the next six months or more there.
  • The database will have demographic and certain other details of the citizens.
  • The demographic details include name, parents’ name, spouse name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, nationality, educational qualifications, occupation, permanent and present address, and duration of stay at the current address.
  • The NPR will be carried out for all states and Union Territories except in Assam. Assam has been excluded from this process as the National Register of Citizens (NRC) had already been carried out there.
  • NPR does not require any biometrics, documents or proofs. It is just self-declaration. All states have been notified about this exercise and they accepted it.
  • This will be a mobile app and not a long paper form.
  • The Kargil Review Committee recommended the mandatory registration of citizens and non-citizens in 2000 under the NDA government.
  • NPR was first authorised in 2004 by the UPA government.
  • It was conducted in 2010 and 2015 in the past.
  • NPR exercise has been described as a routine process which is aimed to provide additional details about the upcoming Census and improve the transfer of benefits from government welfare schemes.
  • States like West Bengal and Kerala are opposing the NPR as it does clear the way for NRC.

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