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Things to know about NMC Bill

Things to know about NMC Bill

The Rajya Sabha yesterday passed the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill despite the protests of doctors across the country.

The bill passed in the Lok Sabha on July 29.

While the government says NMC Bill is one of the biggest reforms, the majority of doctors in the country are opposing it.

Here is why they are opposed to the bill and certain things to know about NMC Bill:

  • NMC Bill seeks to terminate the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 due to allegations of corruption against the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • It aims to bring uniformity in medical education standards in India for which a common final-year MBBS exam, National Exit Test (NEXT) is sought. It is essential to get admission to PG courses as well to obtain a practice licence.
  • The bill defines Community Health Providers (CHPs) who are granted a licence to practice medicine at mid-level. However, it is not clear about what kind of professionals could be certified as CHPs.
  • The bill also says that CHPs are allowed to prescribe specified medicines independently in primary and preventive healthcare. However, they cannot prescribe medicines at higher levels without the supervision of medical practitioners.
  • All foreign-educated medical students including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also will have to clear the exit exam to practice in India. Currently, all these can practice medicine without a test.
  • Though MCI did not have the power to regulate fees, the new bill gives power to the commission to regulate fees in 50 per cent private medical college seats.
  • The bill will put an end to the practice of yearly inspections and thus facilitates the addition of medical seats at both undergraduate level and postgraduate level.
  • The central government can override any suggestion of the NMC which is highly objected by the doctors.

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