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SWAYAM for web-enabled learning

SWAYAM for web-enabled learning

Government mulls to improve the quality of higher education by enabling web-based learning. The human resources development (HRD) ministry has disclosed a plan in this regard which includes the accessibility of materials and applications for courses can be done online.

The programs SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is intended to offer courses online free of cost to Indians by the government of India. The structure of the programme was outlined by HRD minister Smriti Irani in a tweet to support web-based learning.

The massive open online courses (MOOCS) platform is aimed at building a good student experience. Under this, the student gets learning and all the relevant information to probable students about the courses that are available. The flow chart of SWAYAM will facilitate students to check their eligibility so that they can continue for preview and availability of teaching in fields in which they have interest.

Then students can contact the course coordinators to get detailed information about the courses. After applying and getting registered successfully, they will get access to course materials. Students can begin it as per the schedules of the course. Furthermore, they get connected with other students and can set up a workspace such as homes or any other public space to be shared among themselves. The workspace can help them interact among themselves which improves their online communication and any other relevant matter about their courses.

Students and course-takers have mid-module assessments and guidance from their supervisors. They help students improve their performance. If the course is successfully completed, students will earn credits. After that, they will have a course review exercise which is followed by the next level of learning in the programme. Students will get qualified after completing certain number of modules i.e. they are treated at par with the students that learn through regular leaning.

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