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Singapore to sell lab-grown meat soon

Singapore to sell lab-grown meat soon

Consumption of meat has been increasing for the past few years, which has become one of the major threats to the environment. This is due to the production of methane gas by cattle and cutting of forests to feed animals.

As per the estimates of Eat Just, a US startup, meat consumption will be increased by more than 70 per cent by 2050. In this context, lab-grown meat and other alternatives are essential to avoid a shortage of food supply.

At present, a few sustainable alternatives are available in the market. However, they are plant-based products.

Hence, some companies are working on creating meat in laboratories. Eat Just is one such company which created meat in the laboratory from animal cells.

Singapore government approved the meat to be sold there and became the first such country to approve the lab-grown meat.

Eat Just is based in San Francisco. The startup claims that the meat has superior quality and safe for the consumption of humans. It said that the meat cultured in the lab in a bioreactor is rich in protein and minerals. It will sell this meat in Singapore soon under the brand name, Good Meat.

Currently, the company is associated with a manufacturer to sell lab-grown chicken in Singapore. It will be sold as a nugget. The final cost is not yet decided. But, earlier it was fixed to sell for $50 each. Eat Just expects to expand its sales to other restaurants also in future.

Though very few are working on creating meat in the labs from animal cells, it is still at a nascent stage due to high production costs. However, to satisfy the palate of the non-vegetarians, Eat Just created meat in the labs.

Several other companies are also working on developing lab-grown fish and beef. The market has potential considering the demand from the meat lovers. In India, IIT-Guwahati also developed lab-grown meat last year to save animals from slaughter.

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