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SC uplifts ban on diesel vehicles

SC uplifts ban on diesel vehicles

In the wake of environment pollution, the Delhi government proposed to ban diesel vehicles. In order to reduce the pollution in the nation’s capital AAP government implemented Odd-even formula in which the cars with even numbers and the cars with odd numbers were allowed in the city to run in alternative days.

In this regard, Delhi government wanted to impose ban on the registration of diesel vehicles. But, the Supreme Court made changes to the proposed ban on diesel cars yesterday. Furthermore, the Apex Court uplifted the ban on registration of new diesel vehicles over 2000 cc.

According to the directions of the Supreme Court, all the manufacturers, dealers or buyers of diesel vehicles over 2000 cc have to deposit 1% towards environment cess on the cost of the vehicle.

Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz India requested to lift the ban on diesel cars in India stating that it is ready to pay an additional surcharge in event of the upliftment of ban. The Court responded to this request as stated above. Thus, as per the judgment, all luxury vehicles and other vehicles of diesel engines with over 2000 cc would be permitted to register in the National Capital Region.

The order of the Apex Court has consequences for all major automobile manufacturing companies in India such as Toyota, Tata, Mercedes-Benz, Audi etc. The Supreme Court cited in its order, “The deposit of amount alone shall entitle manufacturers, dealers and purchasers to have the car registered in Delhi”.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who represented the Society for Indian Automobile Manufacturers, stated that many of the citizens in the country were ready to pay this environment compensation cost as well. He is a lawyer and Congress leader. He along with the automobile manufacturing companies have confidence in the upliftment of the ban to be a relief to customers.

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