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SC suggests Centre put farm laws on hold

SC suggests Centre put farm laws on hold

The newly made farm laws irked the farmers across the country. They have been protesting in the national capital for the past 22 days against these laws.

Though the government held talks with the leaders of the farmers, they were not successful. While the farmers are insisting on the revocation of the laws, the government is not willing for the same. Hence, their protests are continuing.

Meanwhile, many pleas have been filed in the Supreme Court on this. Petitioners sought the removal of protesting farmers at the borders. They contended that blockage of the roads and border points by the protestors impacted the vehicular traffic severely and was causing troubles to people. It hindered health services, especially in emergencies.

The apex court while hearing the pleas said that farmers have the right to hold non-violent protests. However, their fundamental right should not affect the rights of others or cause damage to other’s life.

At the same time, it is important to put the impasse to an end. For this, the court suggested the Centre put the implementation of the farm laws on hold for some time.

However, the government said that if it puts the implementation of farm laws on hold, then the farmers might not come forward for negotiations.

The court wished to facilitate the talks between both the government and the farmers. In this context, the CJI said that blocking the roads cause the people to suffer, and it does not fulfil their purpose. Just sitting in protest won’t help, but talks and negotiations will work.

Hence, the court suggested the farmers initiate the talks with the government. Similarly, the court sought the need for establishing an independent committee.

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