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Rs. 1,911 crore highway projects in six states

Rs. 1,911 crore highway projects in six states

In order to start new highway projects for six states, the government approved Rs. 1,911 crore. According to a government official, the standing finance committee (SFC) approved six road projects in Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. The estimated cost of the total project is Rs. 1,910.87 crore.

SFC approved these individual projects for the six states. The first project is approved for the state of Nagaland. It upgrades the NH-61 stretch in Nagaland for an estimated Rs. 343 crore says the official. The official further added that the upgradation of Rayachoti-Kadapa stretch on NH-18 was also approved for an estimated Rs. 350 crore. This is the second largest project out of all the approved ones.

When it comes to Maharashtra, a two-laning of Nagpur-Umred-Bramhapur-Armori stretch. This upgradation project has been approved for Rs. 269 crore.

SFC approved another reconstruction and widening project. The reconstruction and widening of a highway stretch on NH-94 in Uttarakhand has been approved for Rs. 209 crore.

The smallest of all approved projects was for Arunachal Pradesh. It is a Rs.44 crore project approved by SFC for Arunachal Pradesh. It will upgrade a highway stretch and will widen the highway.

There are two more projects that got approved by SFC for Karnataka. These two projects are related to the widening of Bidar to Humanabad section of NH-50. This project is approved for a cost of Rs. 367 crore. The other project is related to upgrade a stretch on NH-150. It was approved for Rs. 39 crore.

These projects are expected to cut down on highway traffic in these national highways. They would improve the travelling conditions for people travelling on highways. It reduces the number of accidents as well. These development projects would fit in with the aim of forming a developed India.

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