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Rajasthani women construct toilets

Rajasthani women construct toilets

Rajasthani women have been working on constructing sites as labourers. Now, they are contributing from their side towards a cleaner India by wielding trowels and doing construction work. Kanta Devi, a woman in her early 20s decided to attend a workshop by a few male trainers at her village. What she did not know was that she was going to construct something great and not just an appendage.

This women’s empowerment comes from the Bhimda village in the Thar Desert region of the state. The surprising thing is that this village made headlines for the atrocities against women.

By getting training from experts from a multinational oil company, Kanta Devi and 25 other women achieved this. Now they are part of a national campaign. They will be construction toilets under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – the Clean Indian campaign.

Kanta Devi was confused when she got to know about an unusual training programme in her village which was located near India’s biggest onshore oil field.

Cairn India, the MNC operating the field, in partnership with IL&FS Skills School, offered the two-month training programme in masonry. It is now partnering the Rajasthan government in constructing the toilets.

Image Reference: Tripadvisor

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