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Protest on Top of Mercedes

Protest on Top of Mercedes

A young Agra resident, Sadhvi Pandey, climbed atop his Mercedes in protest and refused to come back down until she had been given an apology, after claiming that the security man of an Uttar Pradesh politician allegedly winked at her. She also demanded Rs. 6,500 in the protest to procure a mobile phone that she claimed was smashed by the gunner.

Dressed in pink shalwar kameez, head coated with a dupatta, Sadhvi, who is in her 20s, Drew immense crowds as she stood angrily on the bonnet of the pricy automobile.

In a video currently gone viral, she is seen standing on the automobile – that belongs to Abhinav Sharma, a member of UP’s ruling Samajwadi Party – and explaining to the sympathetic crowd what had happened. There are some reports that Sadhvi additionally yanked the party flag off the politician’s automobile and smashed the windshield. However the viral video did not seem to have it.

Whether Abhinav Sharma was in the car at the time or not was not clear. In the video, a man in a white kurta pyjama can be seen getting out of the car as crowds surround it, encouraging Sadhvi and attempting to note the licence plate number.

The police arrived eventually came and attempted to bring peace.

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