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PM Narendra Modi at Madison Square Park

PM Narendra Modi at Madison Square Park

PM Narendra Modi’s much awaited speech happened at the Madison Square Park on 28 September. His entire speech was given in Hindi and was met with extreme cheering from the Audience. Around 50 senators of the United State of America have visited to listen to the speech of our PM. The beloved PM has talked about various projects that need to be done and the responsibility of people in it.

Modi has talked about the three ‘D’s of India which are its strength. They are Democracy, demographic dividend, and demand. India constitutes 65% of youth and they can make wonders. Modi has stated wonderful quotes which are met with fervent cheering from the Audience. He stated that “it takes Rs.10 per kilometre in an Ahmedabad Auto-rickshaw, but it only took Rs.7 per kilometre for India to reach mars.”

The PM has promised PIO card holders will get life time visas and that PIO and OCI cards will be merged into a common card. People who come to India for long stays have to report periodically at the police station. Modi stated that this won’t be necessary soon. The PM has stated that he is a small man who wants to do big things for small people.

The PM urged India to move towards a cleaner India stating that Gandhi, the man who gave India freedom loved cleanliness and that the people of India must thank him by giving a cleaner India. He invited everyone to participate in Make in India campaign.

At the end of the speech, the PM promised that he will clear the debt of India and make an India of his dreams. The speech ended with a confetti of tri-color and red-white and blue balloons raining down the arena.

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