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PM Modi to launch health infrastructure scheme today

PM Modi to launch health infrastructure scheme today

To strengthen healthcare infrastructure in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to launch a scheme today. PM Modi will launch the Pradhan Mantri Aatmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana (PMASBY), one of the largest Pan-India schemes in Varanasi today.

The purpose of the scheme is to fill gaps in public health infrastructure and critical care facilities. It wants to improve primary care facilities in both rural and urban areas.

It intends to provide support to rural and urban health and wellness centres. The scheme will provide support to 17,788 rural centres and 11,024 urban centres.

All districts of the country with a population of over five lakhs will be provided with critical care services through special critical care hospital blocks. The remaining districts will be offered referral services. Besides, citizens from all over the country will have access to a wide range of diagnostic services through a network of laboratories. For this, the government aims to set up integrated public health labs in all districts across the country.

The following health care institutions will be set up under PMASBY:

  • A National Institution for One Health
  • A Regional Research Platform for WHO South-East Asia Region)
  • 4 New National Institutes for Virology
  • 5 New Regional National Centre for Disease Control
  • 9 Biosafety Level III laboratories

The PMASBY aims to build an IT enabled disease surveillance system. For this, a network of surveillance laboratories at various levels will be developed. These include block, district, regional and national levels. All public health labs will be connected to an Integrated Health Information Portal.

The scheme wants to strengthen existing public health units to prevent and combat health emergencies. In addition to that, it aims to set up new public health units as well. Under the scheme, teams will be built up with trained frontline health workers to respond to all types of public health emergencies.

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