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PM launches ‘Go Green’ bus service for MPs

PM launches ‘Go Green’ bus service for MPs

In recent days, environment pollution is a major issue. Vehicle use is one of the major causes for it. Many people not just in India but also throughout the world are focusing on alternative fuel methods to combat the pollution.

Indian government also has taken an initiative on this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched electric-powered bus services for members of Parliament yesterday. Due to increasing concerns on environment pollution and in the wake of common people’s steps to counter it, there is a need for government to focus on this issue. In this context, the ‘Go Green’ bus service initiative is a move towards stopping environment pollution.

A Retrofitted electric bus was gifted by the road transport ministry for this. The bus can accommodate around 15 members. Prime Minister of India Modi hoped that members of Parliament would get benefit from the bus service. Transport minister Gadkari stated that his ministry is mainly focusing on preventing the pollution and at least dozen city buses will be converted into electric form for this. He also added that proper steps will be taken to check air pollution.

The statistics revealed that a diesel bus produces 300 kg carbon monoxide, 600 kg of nitrous oxide and 12 kg of particulate matter per annum whereas electric bus is free from pollution.

PM Modi also said that countries like India need to convert to solar light as adequate sunlight is available in these countries throughout the year. He added that two key initiatives were taken in the recent Paris Climate Summit. The first one is Mission Innovation. The US, France and India launched jointly taking the help of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This mission helps develop green technologies to combat environment pollution. And the second initiative was that an international solar alliance was created with all counties that have plentiful sunlight.

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