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Petrol Prices at a record high – ₹100 soon

Petrol Prices at a record high - ₹100 soon

The fuel prices in the country are going up like a rocket. The fuel prices increased for the 12th consecutive day in the nation. Even though the global oil market was stable, fuel in India seems unstoppable.

Petrol had an increase of 39 paise and diesel was hiked by 37 paise in the national capital. Due to that, the petrol and diesel prices have reached ₹90.58 per litre and ₹80.97 per litre, in Delhi.

Due to this continuous rise, it is mainly the middle-class commuter who is facing financial pressure. Many Twitter users have already taken to hashtags to vent out their frustration at the government and fuel prices. People are awaiting a solution for this massive hike.

Several states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have already seen the price of petrol cross ₹100. These are states which also have some of the highest amount of local charges on petrol products.

Fuel price in Mumbai is at ₹97 and is expected to hit the century mark sooner than later. Diesel has reached a price of ₹87.06 too.

On Friday, petrol breached ₹90 per litre-mark in Delhi after oil marketing companies raised the pump price of petrol by 31 paise and diesel by another 33 paise per litre in the city.

There seems to be no end to this hike in the future as well. According to oil company executives, the petrol and diesel prices may increase further in the coming days as retail prices may need to be balanced based on global developments. This is of course to make sure OMCs do not make losses on the sale of auto fuels. So it seems that the woes of consumers won’t be done any time soon.

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