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Pathankot on red alert

Pathankot on red alert

The Pathankot district of Punjab is in a state of alert due to another terrorist threat to that region. In order to make sure nothing happens, Pathankot has been in a state of red alert since Tuesday. Security agencies conducted night-long search operations in Pathankot district of Punjab to look for suspects. They were searching for some armed men seen by local residents. According to the police, armed men were witnessed by several people in the nearby area.

According to the Pathankot district police Chief Rakesh Kaushal, the police and security forces worked all night carrying out search operations around Chakki river bank and nearby forest areas. He said that even though an extensive search has been conducted in the areas, they have found nothing. The operation to search the areas started on Tuesday and it continued all night.

After reports from locals said that there have been four armed men with suspicious behavior, officials started an extensive search operation in Pathankot on Tuesday.

The security forces worked very hard all night to sweep the area. They have searched large areas near the Punjab-Himachal Pradesh-Jammu and Kashmir border. Despite all the search, there were no arrests made according to police officials.

The area has been in high alert ever since the attack that happened on January 2. Officials conducted search operations by security forces in Pathankot and Gurdaspur districts pretty every month after the attacks that occurred on January 2.

The frontier Indian Air Force (IAF) base in Pathankot was attacked by suspected Pakistan terrorists on January 2. The dreadful attack led to the death of seven security personnel. This was not the first terror assault in that area in recent times. There was another attack also done by Pakistani terrorists in Dinanagar town of the nearby Gurdaspur district on July 27 last year.

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