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Passengers sleep on the floor at Goa Airport

Passengers sleep on the floor at Goa Airport

It is very common in most railway stations that passengers sleep on the floors of the platform while waiting for their train or if they arrived at midnight and it is difficult to reach their homes at that time.

But, can you imagine a similar scene at the airport?

The incident happened at the Goa airport.

Several passengers were sleeping on the floor near the departure gate at the airport. The picture has gone viral on social media which led to the anger of netizens and authorities.

The Goa airport is part of the Navy’s INS Hansa base. It is home to several fighter squadrons and MiG 29K.

Several passengers who arrived on Sunday night in Goa were sleeping on the floor with their footwear scattered around. This scene looks similar to that normally found at a railway station.

Many netizens expressed their concern on this issue of how the airport was being turned into a railway station.

Even the vice president of Goa Forward Party, Durgadas Kamat tweeted that the authorities should respond and act on this incident. He added that there is no need of such cheap tourists in Goa and only quality tourists who enjoy its beauty are essential.

He said that #BrandGoa should not at all be compromised.

A Goa-based journalist also tweeted that the scene was embarrassing and the tourism should be taken more seriously in the state as the time comes.

Goa airport director Gagan Malik in reply to the tweets said that their concern was noted and concerned officials have been directed to make sure such incidents would not recur in future.

He thanked everyone for bringing this matter to their notice and said that this is an exceptional incident.

Image credit: Goa Dabolim Airport image by Joegoauk Goa is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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