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Pak has no right to stop India’s rights of Indus water treaty

Pak has no right to stop India’s rights of Indus water treaty

The Indus Water Treaty is one of the oldest treaties for India and Pakistan.

It has been upheld since 56 years.

The treaty gives certain rights to both countries regarding water. India has never gone against any rule from the treaty in all these 56 years.

As the heat between India and Pakistan is high, India is planning to use fully use its rights to put pressure on Pakistan.

In regards to that, an official statement was given that Pakistan should not impede with the former using its rights from the treaty completely. Minister of state for external affairs V K Singh stated this today.

Singh gave a written reply in Rajya Sabha earlier stating that Pakistan’s foreign ministry made several statements on alleged violations of the Treaty by India. Pakistan alleged that the Treaty cannot be altered or revoked unilaterally.

Replying to that, Singh said that India always adhered to the principle of the Treaty completely. He added that India is expecting Pakistan to not interfere with the rights of India given by the treaty.

Singh said that the implementation of IWT is reviewed once in a while by the government. In the recent review, it has been decided that India will fully use the rights given to it by the treaty and Pakistan should not try to affect it. Indian government is constantly monitoring the situation in this matter.

When asked about his opinion on Russia, Pakistan and China coming closer, the minister said Indian government does not concern itself with other countries’ relationship.

The minister added that government keeps a constant watch on all global developments which concern India or its security. This is to make sure India’s interests are safeguarded.

Pakistan has recently warned India that if India violates the Indus Water Treaty, they will take action. This is India’s reply to Pakistan.

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