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Now, NRI men should register their marriage

Now, NRI men should register their marriage

Several Indian women are falling prey to fraudulent marriages with non-resident Indian men.

In the wake of increasing fraudulent marriages with non-resident Indians, Indian government introduced a bill in Rajya Sabha yesterday.

However, the bill may not pass in the Lok Sabha. This is because the Budget session is still going on and it would end on Wednesday. Moreover, it is the last session before Lok Sabha elections.

As the bill been introduced in Rajya Sabha and is expected to be in pending for a while, it would come to a lapse by June 3.

So, it would be possible for the bill to be passed in Lok Sabha after the elections.

Now, NRI men should register their marriage within 30 days of their wedding failing which leads to revoke or impound of their passport.

The bill is aimed to save Indian women from being trapped in deceitful marriages with NRIs.

With the introduction of this bill, the registration of marriage is mandatory for NRIs.

The offenders would be issued warrants if they are found to violate rules and courts can order them to be present at the given time.

The bill also permits courts to attach properties, both movable and immovable of those that have been declared as offenders, if they fail to appear before them.

All the NRIs must register their marriage within 30 days of their wedding day. If they fail, the ‘Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill, 2019’ permits passport authorities to seize or cancel their passport or travel documents.

The bill is applicable to all men (NRIs) who live in or outside the country if they marry Indian women.

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