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Noida residents can register complaints with an app

Noida residents can register complaints with a tap

For residents of Noida, registering any civic complaint has never been easier. If anyone wants to register a complaint with the Noida Authority, they can simply use the Citizen Charter mobile application. Inside the app, one can submit their complaints and also track their status.

The government has taken the decision to make a digital platform for these services to provide direct interaction between the citizens and the authority. They aim to improve the quality of service while removing the involvement of middlemen.

Using the Citizen Charter, one can access over 187 services ranging from infrastructure, public health, and building sanctions, to housing, horticulture, civil work, sanitation and more. One can download the mobile app, Noida Citizen Charter for free.

Saumya Srivastava, Deputy CEO of Noida Authority said that having a digital medium is very important to have a quick and efficient service for the residents. He says that this app helps the administration become easier and more transparent.

Users of the app no longer have to go to the offices of the authority to lodge a complaint. The response time to the complaint via the application is also faster. The app automatically records the location along with date and time when a complaint is registered.

Users can add details to their complaint by attaching images. Once the complaint has been submitted, the user receives an acknowledgement number. Using this number, one can keep track of the complaint.

Adding a digital angle to administration helps the citizens to connect to authorities easily. Digital mediums are obviously faster than their traditional counterparts. These apps also ensure credibility and assurance to the users.

More moves like this will help with the Digital India initiative. At present, the Citizen Charter app is only available on Google Playstore in Android phones. An iOS version will soon be launched according to Noida authorities.

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