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Digital India integrates Citizens’ Records

Digital India

In order to modernize services, the government of India has taken a step towards the digital era by planning to build its own database platform which consolidates its public records. With this step, the records of police, court and criminal files will be merged together into a database. Furthermore, the government is also planning to build its own platform for uniform payment, social assistance systems, and property registration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also planning to improve the communications system of India. This revamping of communications and the implementation of the database are all part of the ‘Digital India’ project planned by the government. This $18 billion project also aims to provide high speed internet connections to rural India. It tries to improve the domestic electronics manufacturing sector and digitalize the government services.

It is stated that the Department of Electronics and Information Technology will be developing the software for the database itself. It will use open source platforms wherever possible. Even though there are some applications in this field, they are very old and they aren’t integrated well enough. Building this database will change that.

The usage of internet is sky rocketing in India and it is expected that India will soon be second most online populated country in the world the beating US. However, most people still do not have proper web access due to lack of internet services at many places. As a result, they cannot access government services properly. The ‘Digital India’ campaign is expected to change all that and provide internet even in rural India where still many do not have the basic access to it.

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