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Modi to talk with US government

Modi to talk with US governmen

After the Trump administration came to power in the US, many Indians were worried about the changes in H-1B visa that can cost them their jobs.

Trump administration made changes to H-1B visa that may affect hundreds of Indian professionals and companies.

In order to talk about such issues, Modi is preparing himself to hold talks with the US government.

In addition to the visa issues, Modi is also set to talk about defense equipment supply to Pakistan. This is one of the main issues that India is facing now.

Indian government is ready to welcome the bipartisan Congressional support for a strong relationship between India and USA during the visit of 27 US lawmakers this week.

Those two matters are the most crucial for the country. India will make strong statement regarding the issues with US administration.

This week, a delegation of 19 US lawmakers will visit New Delhi and Hyderabad. It is organized by Aspen Institute think tank.

During the same time, another delegation of eight led by Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the US House Judiciary Committee will be visiting New Delhi and Bengaluru.

Meetings will be held between the delegations and Indian Union ministers, members of parliament, academics and industry leaders.

PM Modi is also likely to be called for the meeting to talk about the issues even though he is busy with poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh.

Both democrats and republican members of US senate are visiting the country as a way to show that India has bipartisan support in American Congress. The rules of H-1B visa are under the control of the US Congress.

US congress is paying these visits to re-strengthen the ties between India and US.

Indian government would be stating its priorities and prospects for bilateral ties.

At present, the India government is on a keen watch to see what new rules US will make related to immigration.

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