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Modi says India will break terrorism completely

Modi says India will break terrorism completely

With the recent surgical strikes conducted by India across the Line of Control, the country has proved that it can tackle terrorism with fierce attacks.

On this Sunday, Modi has given a speech talking about terrorism and how it will be tackled. He gave some strong responses in his speech in Srinagar.

He said that India would give a strong and fitting response to those who are killing innocent people while spreading terrorist ideologies.

Modi said that the government will focus on ‘breaking the back’ of terrorism and get rid of this trouble.

He has paid homage to those who were killed while fighting terrorism and protecting the country. He gave his respects to Nazir Ahmed Wani and Aurangzeb from Jammu and Kashmir.

The horror of many youth and innocents being killed in Kashmir is something that is bothering the whole country. Many Indians are angry at the terrorism crippling one of the most beautiful areas in India.

Modi said that the youth are being targeted because they are the ones who want to live a long and beautiful life but they are targeted by terrorism and their lives are ruined.

Terrorism is destroying their hopes and dreams of having a long and fulfilling life.

He added that the central government is now prioritizing the development of people in Jammu and Kashmir. They aim to tackle terrorism with more of such fierce attacks.

The PM added that the whole government will be trying to achieve the dream of late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and attain a peaceful and prosperous Kashmir.

They want to follow the motto of “sabka saath, sabka vikaas” (collective efforts, inclusive growth).

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