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Modi: why a Google didn’t emerge in India even with so much talent

Why Google didn’t emerge in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has questioned as to why no Google or Microsoft has emerged in India even though there is enormous talent. He wondered this thought during his gathering in his official visit to Canada on Thursday.

Modi has stated that an Auto rickshaw ride costs Rs.10 a km in India; however the country has been able to send Mangalyaan to Mars for less than Rs.7 a km. He said that this proves the enormous talent in India which leads one to wonder why no Google has emerged from India or why there was no Microsoft born here.

He added that his government will aim to create a proper atmosphere in India in order to encourage innovation and the talent in the country. He says that encouraging the talent will bring new innovations and development in the country.

Modi said that the Uranium agreement with Canada will help India keep its commitment towards climate change. He said that Canada will supply the fuel to produce nuclear energy which will help in the reduction of carbon and emission which destroys climate.

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