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Maharashtra Gov: allow moviegoers to get their own food

Maharashtra Gov: allow moviegoers to get their own food

Movie theaters often offer many options for people to buy food and beverages to accompany their moviegoing experience. However, many people refuse these options, since food and beverages at movie theaters are constantly overpriced.

Dhananjay Munde raised this issue in the Legislative Council of Maharashtra. He asked how multiplexes and malls are allowed to charge people for food and water with different prices from the regular prices.

The government of Maharashtra sympathized with Munde’s issue. They decided to change this situation for all moviegoers in Maharashtra.

On July 13th, the government of Maharashtra announced that moviegoers will no longer have to pay a higher price than normal for food and beverages at multiplexes in the state.

Not only will people in Maharashtra pay the normal price for their food and beverages at movie theaters, but now, they will also be allowed to take their food and drinks inside the theater.

The State Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, Ravindra Chavan, said that the central government is coming up with a legislation. This legislation will be enacted on August 1st.

It will ensure that food must be sold at the same price everywhere in Maharashtra, no matter where it is sold in the state.

Chavan also said that the government of Maharashtra had previously told multiplex owners that they cannot prohibit moviegoers from taking their food and beverages inside the theaters.

This means that moviegoers in Maharashtra will now be able to bring their food and drinks where they like, and they will buy them at lower prices as well.

Now, thanks to the legislations of the Maharashtra government, people going to movies will not have to worry about choosing between going hungry or emptying their pockets for overpriced food and beverages. This will ensure a more enjoyable experience for all moviegoers in the state.

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