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Karnataka to provide reservations for transgender in all govt. services

Karnataka to provide reservation for transgender in all govt. services

Support for the third gender community has been growing in the country over the years. Many applications for education courses and jobs have additional columns for them along with the male and female column. At the same time, discrimination is still going on towards them.

To avoid discrimination towards third gender community, the Karnataka government offered reservations for them in all government services.

By providing one per cent reservation for the transgender community in all the government services, it became the first such state in the country.

The government amended the Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rule, 1977 and submitted a report to High Court.

As per the final notification, the third gender community will get one per cent reservation in both general and reserve categories. They will get reservations in all government services.

The government says that all notifications that invite applications for government jobs must have a column for ‘others’ in addition to male and female columns. Besides, the third gender people should not be discriminated, in the recruitment process and selection.

The reserved job can be given to a male or female from the same category if transgender candidates are not available for a job.

An NGO filed a petition in the High Court questioning the denial of job opportunities to transgender. High Court Divisional Bench heard the petition yesterday.

The prosecutor, who appeared for the government, said that the government provided one per cent horizontal reservation for transgender. The rule has also been amended for it. Another advocate, who submitted a petition from an NGO, sought the High Court’s directions to implement the reservations in different boards and corporations.

The court said that a separate petition is needed for it. It asked the advocate to file it to consider their request.

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