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Judicial Reforms on Fast Track

Judicial Reforms

Now the judicial problems will be solved in a faster way in India, as Indian government put the implementation of judicial reforms on fast track. In this regard, a meeting is going to be held on January 21 which is to be attended by the law commission chairman and the Supreme Court secretary general.

Law ministers from Jammu & Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh, the vice-chairman of Niti Aayog and the top law officers are also to be invited for this meeting. Improvement in the Civil Procedure Code to shorten the processing and accelerate case management are some important issues on the agenda of the meeting. There are five courts in the country that have video conferencing facility and it is proposed to extend to 500 courts. Since the government is eager to push the video-conferencing between courts and prisons it seeks the assistance of apex court in implementation.

The Negotiable Instruments Act is also likely to be amended in which the cheque bounce cases will go through the Lok Adalats. Their verdicts on these issues will be final. The Motor Vehicles Act is also to be altered in which all traffic challans will be undertaken only through alternative dispute resolution forum. It is expected at least one-third of pending list will be reduced with this and they will be solved in a faster way.

Installing software in jails to record the data of all prison inmates with their case histories and their release dates is another proposal on the agenda. This is being tested as a pilot project in Tihar jail. This software will also alert the prison authorities and a central monitoring agency on the undertrials is to be released according to the amendments made in the 436A of CrPC. Undertrials are allowed a mandatory bail if they were put in the prison half the term when they were to be convicted. Requirement of additional courts and filling up the vacancies in both the subordinate and high courts are other proposals.

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