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India’s new Hawk aircraft: An answer to china

India’s new Hawk aircraft: An answer to china

The presence of China in Asia’s defense market has been growing to high levels. As a counter to China’s superiority, India and the United Kingdom jointly developed a combat ready aircraft. It will be available to neighboring countries to purchase as a competition to Chinese defense market.

The Hawk trainer is a dual role aircraft. It is jointly developed and is expected to make its debut in a month with an Indo-UK combined target of export market for it.

The Advanced Hawk aircraft was made with a combined effort and resources of Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) and BAE.

It was in development for two years. The new Hawk is much more agile and can also carry smart weapons.

The aircraft is being assembled in Bengaluru. It will be exhibited in the AeroIndia show next week.

The new hawk comes with a new wing design by HAL that makes the plane more agile. It is more powerful and can carry a variety of conventional and precision weapons.

According to HAL, the aircraft is already generating hype in various markets.

The first flight of the aircraft will take place in March. Several air chiefs from neighboring countries have already visited to see the aircraft.

BAE, which manufactures the plane also set up its export across the world.

According to it, the Advanced Hawk will be taken by several air forces who are acquiring advanced fighter jets.

The initial target of the company is 300 aircrafts as it is the expected number of aircrafts needed worldwide.

Since the aircraft comes with the ability to carry various weapons and a laser designation pod, it is being called a force multiplier for any air force.

The advanced hawk is capable of carrying payloads of 3,000 kg.

The airshow is expected to generate a lot more interest in the aircraft so it can be launched with more demand.

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