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India’s First Indigenous Scorpene-Class Submarine

India’s First Indigenous Scorpene-Class Submarine

Indian Navy’s Kalvari Submarine set its sail from Mumbai’s port on May 1. Here is some information regarding the submarine. This submarine belongs to the class of Kalvari. This class is built in collaboration with the French.

This new submarine with state of the art technology is designed by the French naval and defence energy company DCNS. It is being manufactured indigenously in Mumbai by Mazagon Dock Limited.

On May 1, the Kalvari was launched. It is the first of six submarines which will soon be commissioned by the Indian Navy. The first one is launched for the sea trials. These trials will have a number of tests to see the potentiality of the submarines and find any problems in them.

The tests include various tests on the propulsion system, navigation aids, communication equipment, auxiliary equipment and systems and steering gear.

The scorpenes have many great features. They are very good at stealth attacks which can be used to land a crippling attack to enemies. They have precision guided weaponry which includes torpedoes, tube-launched anti-ship missiles both underwater and on surface.

Furthermore, the Scorpene submarines are made to be operated in all types of areas even in tropics. They are made with all means and communications to ensure interoperability with other components of a Naval Task Force.

The submarines are capable of handling various kinds of missions like anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine laying, area surveillance, etc. The submarines are very strong and well-built too. They are made from special steel which is capable of bearing a lot of stress and pressure. It has a high tensile strength which lets it bear high hydrostatic force. This helps the submarine dive deep for better stealth.

They are made with weapons launching tubes (WLT). This makes it easy for weapons to be easily reloaded at sea with special handling and loading equipment.

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