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India’s control over Indian Ocean

India’s control over Indian Ocean

The recent international fleet review conducted in Vishakapatnam by India was a huge step for the country in achieving a stronger fleet. More than 50 nations participated in the event. India is getting a stronger maritime status in South Asia especially with China.

Oceans form important strategic points as they are important in global trade and are used as means of conduct of international relations. Indian has become quite a power point with major powers like China trying to get more power there.

India focused mainly on the western forces like US, France etc. in the Indian Ocean. However, as the Chinese maritime is increasing its influence in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, India is in an immediate need for a transformation.

This means that India needs to let go of the ‘zone of peace’ mindset and start prioritizing the modernization of its naval infrastructure and diplomacy. In order to have a proper maritime policy as strong as China’s, there should be better political relations with maritime neighbors like Sri Lanka and Maldives and island states like Seychelles and Mauritius. China is already doing this.

With initiatives like the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS), India can get the best use of maritime multilateralism to have a naval diplomacy which would benefit the country.

Another important issue that needs to be focused is the modernization of the naval force of the country.

Even though India has planned a global maritime meet in April, it should also make sure that many of its naval projects should be used better.

By doing so, India can cash on the success of the recent fleet review. Chief Admiral Tomohisa Takei of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force said that India is an important country in the Indian Ocean region which needs to take responsibility for security in the area.

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