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Indian government to ban Facebook

Indian government to ban Facebook

After the many cases of mocking politicians and cyber crimes, the government seems to have shifted the blame onto the Social Media.

The IT ministry of India has stated that they will be following the way of China and ban Facebook in India.

Starting next Monday, April 6th, the social networking website will be unavailable for Indians.

“We have seen an increasing number of cyber crimes in India through Facebook.

The best way to stop these crimes and the spread of offensive jokes is by banning this portal”, says Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT minister of India.

The saffron leaders in India are seemingly supporting this decision. VHP working president Pravin Togadia has stated that Facebook has destroyed the youth of India and this ban will make students more responsible.

The task of social media control is given to Cyber Censoring Unit of India (CCUI). “I think that this will uplift the Indian culture and teach moral values to our youth.” says CCUI director Ravi Samskar.

Many youth have been against this decision saying that this is a direct obstacle towards freedom of speech.

Several rallies have been held against this decision, the most notable being the ‘The blue revolution’ where protestors painted themselves blue with a thumb on their belly.

May we also remind our readers that today is the 1st of April, and this is a fake article.

None of what is written above is true.

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