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India and USA growing future relations?

India and USA growing future relations?

India and the United States of America are currently discussing plans in the future for economic trading in the Asia-Pacific region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington D.C. from June 25th to June 26th will have this issue as his prime agenda.

The details for this economic plan remain unknown as of now; however, India is hoping to emerge as a leading trading player in this region, while the United States is hoping to hold onto the position it currently has.

These goals will be reflected in the discussion between the two nations held on the 26th of June.

Both of these countries are important players in both the regional economy and the entire global economy.

This partnership between them aims to improve connectivity, development, general prosperity, and to address issues of poverty.

In support of the integration of the region, the plan is to develop methods that better link South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia by encouraging both free trade and more personal linkages.

That same statement had also included an advocating of freedom of navigation and overflight in the region of the South China Sea and a resolution for maritime disputes based on UNCLOS.

Since 2015, India and Japan have also decided to further their connectivity by creating an economic and connective corridor stretching from Asia to Africa. An initiative by both countries on this was just launched last month.

The Executive Director of Cuts International, Bipul Chatterjee, expresses the need for India to take a pivotal role in trade in order to create a balance of power.

Thus, Narendra Modi will engage the United States to be a joint economic partner in the region, but he will need to make it clear that the engagement fits in with America’s interests as much as it does India’s.

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