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India and Japan’s nuclear deals

India and Japan’s nuclear deals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is 3- day visit to Japan from Thursday. Both the countries are to enter into several deals and agreements. The civil nuclear deal is one amongst them.

The nuclear deal between India and Japan provides way for India to enter into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). For the last few years India has been aiming to become a member of the group. Now, with the proper steps taken by the PM, there is a chance for India to become part of nuclear trade groups. Even though the country is not a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the application will be validated due to the deal between both Japan and India for a nuclear pact.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed on the deal which has very significant. This is because, NSG wants to take a decision on inclusion of non-NPT nations in the group and has called for a meeting of group members in Vienna to discuss on it.

Earlier, in the meeting of NSG which was held in Seoul, the application of India was rejected and dismissed by China saying that there are some rules and the friends of US would not get any exception in these. It also stated that both India and Pakistan were not the members of NPT.

There is an argument about India’s intention to enter into NSG is it wants to use nuclear energy to strengthen its defence. But, now with the deal of India and Japan will defeat the above argument. Japan is the only country that suffered a lot from the nuclear weapons in the world and with its agreement it sent a clear message to the world that that the above argument is wrong. PM Modi stated that the deal is historic to build a clean energy partnership. Japan’s PM Abe said that Japan is hoping that India will act responsibly in utilizing nuclear energy in a peaceful manner.

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