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IAF to get advanced SPICE bombs

IAF to get advanced SPICE bombs

In order to strengthen its arsenal, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to acquire the advanced SPICE-2000 bombs from Israel.

These SPICE-2000 bombs can destroy bunkers.

SPICE, the ‘smart, precise-impact and cost-effective technology is manufactured by Rafael, an Israeli defence technology company.

The current version of bombs is a penetrator version. They first penetrate and then explode inside buildings. But, the advanced version of these bombs can destroy buildings using the explosive warhead.

The earlier version of SPICE-2000 was used by the IAF in Balakot airstrike to kill the Jaish-e-Mohammed’s (JeM) terrorists that were hiding inside the buildings.

These bombs entered the buildings where the terrorists were hiding by creating holes as per the estimation of the intelligence agencies.

The airstrikes in Balakot were the counter-attack against the terror attack of JeM carried out in Pulwama where several Indian soldiers were killed.

In addition to the procurement of the SPICE-2000 bombs, the IAF is also planning to get the fleet of its Sukhoi 30 fighter aircrafts ready to strengthen the forces during aerial conflicts with enemies.

Emergency powers were granted to the three services to acquire the advanced version of SPICE-2000. As per these powers, they can buy any equipment of their choice of up to ₹300 crore.

As per the sources, the Army has decided to buy Spike anti-tank guided missiles utilization to handle the possible armoured threat by enemy troops.

The IAF is planning to get an advanced version of SPICE-2000 to strengthen its collection. It can efficiently approach the target using its special algorithm. The algorithm uses the electro-optical image which is received real-time and the mission reference data stored in the weapon computer memory to automatically adjust the flight path.

Image credit: #C-130Globemaster#Indian Air Force image by SD Singh (Public Domain Mark 1.0)

Image Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/119161912@N02/32813673652/

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