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Government to release no fly list

Government to release no fly list

The no fly list for keeping back unruly plane passengers is said to be releasing next month. Furthermore, a Civil Aviation Requirement, or CAR, has been revised and finalized after many stakeholder comments, and is expected to be notified within the first week of July.

The draft rules have been released by the civil aviation ministry, who’s no-fly ban could have those on the list banned from planes for at least three months, without a maximum limit.

This national no fly ban issued will have named of passengers that have been classified as unruly by a particular airline’s committee.

If a security agency identifies someone as a threat, then that person will be included on the no fly list as well. Yet although the ban is called national, all airlines do not have to follow it. It would, however, have data of the disruptive passengers from all airlines.

The recommendation of the government has three levels of unruly behavior for the airlines to take note. Following these levels are also the recommended times of flight ban.

The first level includes physical gestures, verbal harassment, and behavior caused by inebriation. Such actions would constitute a ban on flying for three months.

The second level refers to physical abuse such as pushing, punching, or sexually abusive gestures. These actions could enact a six-month-long ban.

Finally, the third category includes actions such as aircraft damaging, breach of the compartments of the flight crew, or physical violence.

The ban for these actions could last from two years to an indefinite length. Repetition of the same level of offense will double the length of one’s ban.

Thus, the government is hoping to put a stopper to unruly and dangerous behaviors on planes through this system of penalties, and therefore to make flying a safe occupation for all people.

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