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Entire population to be registered for Aadhar

Entire population to be registered for Aadhar

According to the World Bank, India is set to register the entire 1.25 billion population with Aadhar digital ID. This move will help the government promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in its welfare schemes.

According to the World Bank, using technology can be a helpful tool for developing countries and that a digital identification system Aadhaar will help willing governments promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the process of transformation.

According to “World Bank report 2016: Digital Dividends“, India is set to register its entire population using its Aadhaar digital. The report is written by Co-Directors, Deepak Mishra and Uwe Deichmann.

According to the report, even though technology like internet, mobile phones and other digital initiatives are rapidly expanding throughout the developing world, the expected growth and higher number of jobs has not been realized. The report stated that 60 per cent of the world’s population remains excluded from the increasing digital economy.

Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group stated that Digital technologies are transforming the worlds of business, work, and government. As such opportunities are increasing, he stated that everyone in the world should get their chances and no one must be left behind as the cost of lost opportunities is high.

He said that in order for digital dividends to be widely shared among all parts of society, countries should also improve their business situations, invest in people’s education and health, and promote good governance.

Today, around 40 percent of the world population is connected by the internet. World Bank Chief Economist, Kaushik Basu calls this transformation amazing. He said that even though such achievements should be celebrated, people should be make sure that a new underclass is not created with people left behind from the transformation. The report stated that digital initiatives can improve efficiency and innovation.

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