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DMRC to roll out online deliveries for Metro passengers

DMRC to roll out online deliveries for Metro passengers

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is planning to roll out a new service for metro passengers. To integrate its regular services with e-commerce through its advanced digital platforms, the DMRC hired a top consulting firm, McKinsey.

The visionary project of DMRC aims to offer faster and easier deliveries to metro travellers. For example, a commuter can order a product online while riding a metro train and will be able to get the product at the destination station.

The project is in the initial stage and needs to upgrade to a broader version.

The DMRC recently launched revamped website and mobile application for commuters to provide them more facilities while travelling on a metro train.

The upgraded website has many advanced features as per the DMRC. Commuters of the Delhi Metro train can get an alert notification in advance about their destination. In other words, if the next station is their destination, riders will get a notification on their mobile phone in advance.

The advanced website also provides riders with real-time information on their planned journey. It even suggests an alternative route if there is any obstacle on the route.

While launching the upgraded website and app, DMRC chief Mangu Singh said that they are planning to integrate regular service with e-commerce. He added that it would take two to three years to reach the next level.

Sources say that advanced technology will ease the process of e-commerce. For instance, if a commuter places an order for a product like a grocery item, arrangements will be made for the collection of the item at the destination station.

They are planning about setting up various types of arrangements like a digital locker, which can be accessed with an OTP received on the mobile phone of the commuter.

As of now, the officials are not sure about what type of digital arrangements they will make, but they are planning to make arrangements for hassle-free online deliveries using advanced technology.

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