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Digital teaching

Digital teaching

India has a lot of potential in the digital world. The concept of digital virtual teaching holds the key to the future of education in India. The government of India has planned Rs.100 crore budget for Live Virtual Classrooms and Massive Online Open Courses.

We are already seeing a ‘Make in India’ campaign. With the help of live virtual class rooms we will probably see a change in the tradition of students going abroad for studies. We could be seeing more students getting educated. Study in India could become a slogan too.

The setting up of Live Virtual Classrooms (LVC) is flexible and cost effective for students and employees.

As a result, it will give more opportunities for Indian teachers so that people with interest of imparting knowledge can seize them.

As per 2013, State of the Industry Report by the Association for Talent Development, US companies have $164 billion on employee learning and development alone.

Until a decade ago, LVCs looked like a distant dream for IT training companies because of problems like poor internet services. In the last few years, there have been several updates in Internet for Indians.

With the inception of high speed internet, free video conferencing became a possibility to make LVCs a reality for IT trainers and other teachers across India. With the government looking to expand internet services all over the country including rural areas, the dream for a digital and more educated India could soon become a reality.

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