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DERC announces new power Tariff for consumers

DERC announces new power Tariff for consumers

The power regulator of Delhi, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) yesterday announced new electricity tariff for 2019-20 to provide relief to domestic consumers.

The new rate balances both the demands of power discoms and the interests of consumers. The fixed charges have been lowered by DERC by up to 85 per cent while the per unit charges raised.

These new rates would be applicable from August 1.

After the announcement of new power tariff, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal congratulated Delhiites for having no electricity hike in the fifth consecutive year.

He tweeted that electricity charges are the lowest in the country with high efficiency by providing continuous supply without power cuts.

With this new tariff, all domestic category consumers can save in the range of ₹105 to ₹750 per month as per the DERC officials.

The fixed charges up to 2 kilowatts (kW) as per the new tariff have been slashed to ₹20 from ₹125. The charges above 2 kW but less than 5 kW have been slashed to ₹50 from ₹140.

There are nearly 37 lakh domestic consumers in the category of a load of up to 2 kW and 7 lakh consumers are in the 2-5 kW category.

Nearly 4 lakh consumers are in the 5-15 kW category and the charges have been reduced to ₹100 from ₹175 for this category of consumers.

However, the energy charges for those consuming above 1,200 units in the domestic category have been raised from the existing ₹7.75 per unit to ₹8 per unit. The energy charges for industrial category consumers have also been hiked by 50 paise per unit.

A new sub-category has been created for the low-end shopkeepers who consume up to 3 KVA; they will be charged at ₹6 per kW which is reduced from the existing ₹8.50 kW.

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