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Delhi HC bans online medicine sale

Delhi HC bans online medicine sale

Several chemists and druggists are opposing online sale of medicines stating that it is a threat to public health.

In this context, Dr. Zaheer Ahmed, a dermatologist filed a petition in the Delhi High Court.

The petition claimed that various prohibited medicines are being sold online which puts the public health in risk.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Pharmacy Act, 1948 banned the sale of certain drugs which should be followed by all medical shops.

But, the online pharmacies or e-pharmacies are violating the rules of the Act as per the petition. The plea also emphasized the adverse consequences of banned drugs on the health of common public.

Division Bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V Kameswar Rao heard the plea and put a ban on the online sale of medicines throughout the country.

The plea stated that most of these online pharmacies in the country are operating without a drug license.

As a result, when the order is placed by innocent patients with half or lack of knowledge on the use of wrong medicines for a disease, it increases the risk of serious consequences.

Furthermore, online sale of medicines is not regulated, hence many minor children or uneducated people may fall victims to misbranded or spurious drugs that are being sold.

The petition also claimed that several psychotropic drugs are being ordered online easily which can be used for criminal activities or drug abuse.

It said that risk of sale of fake drugs, self-medication and sale of drugs without prescription have increased with online pharmacies.

Hence, the plea requested to put a ban on e-pharmacies selling medicines.

The Delhi High Court approved their plea and put a ban on e-pharmacies. It also directed both the Central government and the Delhi government to put an immediate restriction on the same across the country.

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